something you'll have to know

been in a car accident   
cut myself 
been in a tornado 
done hard drugs
watched someone die
been to a funeral
burned yourself                 
run a marathon
cried yourself to sleep
spent over $200 in one day
flown on a plane                      
written a 10 page letter
gone skiing                                
been sailing                          
had a best friend                      
lost someone you loved           
shoplifted something            
been to jail
had detention
skipped school                   
got in trouble for something you didn’t do  
stolen books from the library
gone to a different country   
dropped out of school       
been in a mental hospital
watched the “harry potter” movies             
had an online diary                                  
fired a gun

gambled in a casino
had a yard sale                       
had a lemonade stand
actually made money at the lemonade stand
been in a school play          
taken a lie detector test
swam with dolphins
gone to sea world               
voted for someone on a reality tv show       
written poetry                     
read more than 20 books a year
gone to europe                      
used a coloring book over age 12                  
had surgery                       
had stitches                            
taken a taxi   
had more than 5 im’s/online conversations going at once 
had a drug or alcohol problem
been in a fist fight
used a credit card      

gone surfing in california  
done “spirit day” at school
dyed your hair                 

gotten a tattoo
had something pierce
been on the honor roll   

known someone with hiv or aids
taken pictures with a webcam    
started a fire                        
gotten caught having/going to a party while parents were gone 
bought condoms
failed a class
kissed a girl
used a little paper bag for lunch
had a job

slipped on ice

missed the bus

left the house without money

bullied someone on the internet
had sex in public 
played on a sports team

drank alcohol

been underweight
had an eating disorder

been to a wedding

made fun of someone for being fat

been on the computer for 5 hours straight

watched tv for 5 hours straight

been late for school

kissed in the rain

showered with someone else

failed my drivers test
ran a mile in less than 10 minutes

been outside my home country

been on a road trip longer than 5 hours

gotten my heart broken
had a credit card
been to a professional sports game
broken a bone
een unhappy about my weight

won a trophy
been on a diet
been on TV

rode in a taxi

been to a prom
played a drinking game

stayed up for 24 hours or more

been to a concert
had braces  
learned another language
killed an animal
been to a japanese steakhouse 

wore make up

talked to someone via webcam

had my wisdom teeth taken out 
kissed someone a different race than myself
snuck out of the house
had a virus on my computer
gone skinny dipping 
graduated from college 

wore someone else’s clothes

rode in an ambulance
rode in a helicopter 
caught the stove on fire  

got in a verbal fight

met someone famous

been on vacation

broken something expensive

beat a video game

found something valuable on the ground
stalked someone on facebook/myspace
prank called someone

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